NEW Light + Building Frankfurt - 2022

Considering the restrictions imposed by the Covid19 pandemic, the organizers of the Light + Building Frankfurt fair have decided to cancel this year's event. The next edition will be held in March 2022, following the regular calendar of the event, which takes place every two years.

Once again, we suppport the responsible decision of the organizers and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2022!


Light + Building Frankfurt 2020: POSTPONED

Considering the recent spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Europe, the organizers of the Light + Building Frankfurt exhibition have decided to postpone the event until the second half of September, 2020. The new official dates will be released soon.

We support this decision and join the efforts to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, by correctly informing our employees regarding the spread and prevention methods, as well as by enhacing the hygiene measures within ELECTRA Group. We encourage everyone to be cautious and observe the mandatory prevention rules, and at the same time, to stay informed using the correct, official sources and channels: the Wold Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


ELECTRA at Light + Building Frankfurt 2020

Between the 8th and13th of March, we will be participating as exhibitors in the first important event of this year, the Light + Building Frankfurt specialty fair, which will bring together the major brands in the field of lighting, building services technology and Home Automation. For ELECTRA, present in Frankfurt for the fourth time, the participation in the event represents one of the main channels used for increasing brand awareness and advertising the ELECTRA and BELLCOME brands to a targeted market, at international level.


This year, the ELECTRA stand will be governed by a visually attractive concept, themed “variety & diversity”, focusing on the design of the products, but also on the wide range of solutions allowed by them, which can be applied both in complex residential projects, as well as in simple projects, specific to individual users. The diversity dwells especially in the wide range of needs that can be fulfilled by the ELECTRA product ranges, starting with particular installation preferences (2 wires, 4 wires, UTP), the need for certain specific functions, as well as various design options, customizations and prices.

Therefore, in tune with the theme of this year’s stand, the main attraction points of the ELECTRA exhibition will be the new products launched at the event: the 2 wires range, the Kompakt range and the Touch Line outdoor panels with various finishes. Furthermore, we will offer a first glance at the new Security terminal, which will also be exhibited at the stand and which will be a part of the high-end range of ELECTRA door phones, currently in full process of development.

Of course, the Touch Line – 4 wires products will also be exhibited, under the BELLCOME brand, specifically adapted to the German market.

The visitors of Light + Building Frankfurt can find us between the 8th and 13th of March 2020, in Hall 9.1, stand B66.

Die TOUCH LINE-Linie in verschiedenen Installationsvarianten

Die Touch Line-Linie ist je nach Anschlussart, maximalem Schaltabstand und der Vielfalt möglicher Konfigurationen in zwei Varianten unterteilt: 4-Drähte und Wohngebäude.

  • Touch Line - 4-Drähte
    • Anlagen für Wohngebäude von 1-2-3-5-8-10 Familien und Mehrfamilienhäusern mit bis zu 255 Wohnungen.
    • Die Installation erfordert mittleres technisches Wissen.
    • Empfohlene Kabel, je nach Betriebsabstand: 4 x 0,5 mm2 für bis zu 100 m; 4 x 0,75 mm2 für bis zu 150 m; UTP Cat 5e (AWG 24)/ Cat 6e (AWG 23) für bis zu 200 m.
  • Touch-Line - Wohngebäude
    • Anlagen für Wohngebäude von 1-2-3 Familien und Mehrfamilienhäusern bis 255 Wohnungen, sowie komplexe Lösungen für Wohnzentren.
    • Die Installation darf nur von spezialisierten Installateuren durchgeführt werden.
    • Wir empfehlen Ihnen ein UTP Cat 5e (AWG 24)/ Cat 6e (AWG 23). RJ45-Anschlüsse werden für die Hauptanschlüsse verwendet
    • Die Distanz darf max. 1000 m zwischen der Außeneinheit und der entferntesten Inneneinheit betragen.